January Maptime!

What: A meetup for hacking on map stuff.

Where: Esri R&D Center

When: Thursday, January 16, 2014 from 6–8:30pm

Matt and I are gearing up for another great year for maptimePDX and thanks to Lyzi Diamond, we’re off to a great start! First maptime of the year will be at the familiar digs over at Esri R&D Center (aka Geoloqi HQ) like last time.

The agenda is up to you but there are a couple of fun tasks that some of you can help out with if you’re up for learning some new things. I’d like to throw out two things I’d like to share and potentially hack on: this Jekyll site and the OSM Bright Quickstart.

So bring your ideas and an appetite to learn and contribute. Some bevvies and snacks provided. See you then!

Intros and things we’re working on

Matt and I kicked off the new year with a super casual Maptime event. Nothing flashy, just intros of new folks interested in all the geo/dev stuff happening in Portland at the moment. Esri R&D were gracious enough to host the meetup and we settled in the space comfortably. We’re still feeling out the audience so we’re all ears in what you’re up for getting into. Lightening talks, hack sessions, mentor-matching…it’s up to you. Next event will have at least a brief intro talk and break out with respective interest groups.

Who showed up

@edrex apologizes for mispelling and/or missing most names, projects etc.

  • Rafa @geografa, Mapbox, OSM Bright and setting up Github pages for MaptimePDX
  • Ryan Callahan, Clean slate right now, GIS stuff
  • Lewis _stein Local android Developer Geolocation, stats and data analysis Manny, Esri Portland Blank slate
  • Katie Yuri, bracket, rbracket Gis, Pedestrian activism Data Questions to map Potentially projects
  • Mele Urban Airship OSM Building import
  • Tanya (no voice tonight) FOSS4G Ocean / coastal GIS Leaflet, lots of points, simplification probs
  • Travis Klein, temp portland, couch surfing on way to Bay area to work at huge tech comp
  • Ian Meridian no side now, but proto nacent analytics d3 crossfilter, suggest what analytics are
  • Ryan Esri iOS (android too I guess), interested in Geo (of course), interested in what other ppl are deving
  • Kenichi dev lead geotrigger platform ruby js objc. Like open source geo. Open to projects
  • Adam @abenroberts. SpatialDev (seattle) JS frontend web w/geo components, some python. Interested in D3, looking for ways to use it. Current leaflet.
  • Matt Sayler co-coordinating. No super active proj now, 1 or two I should pick up. Plug: FOSS4G Int’l Conf
  • Jeff Meyers Student at PSU
  • Brylie Oxley working with FFox OS App openlayers OSM

Not present: @lyzidiamond :(

What we did

  • @edrex, @mattsayler, and I worked on getting the maptimepdx.org website up and running as standalone entity(organization) on Github. Note – it can be a helluvalot easier by just transferring. Others worked on Leaflet…@edrex presented on CouchDB and PouchDB, and there were other iOS and Android discussions as well.

Next actions

Next meeting, there are a few things up for discussion:

  • check in with Esri 2 weeks prior to Feb 5 meeting for space
  • set up calagator.org feeds into site
  • set up Flickr or Instagram account for Maptime static images
  • run through github workflows with folks who want to contribute
  • setup default templates for posts
  • get everyone on github!


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What is MaptimePDX

Welcome to maptimePDX! Maptime is a place and space for making maps, talking about maps, and geeking out on all things techy and spatial. Maptime was borne out of the MaptimeSF group as a way to get map nerds together and just hack out some ideas not yet realized. We aim to keep that up and make a easy space for you to bring your ideas, questions, and learn learn learn! Please check the front page for the upcoming events and get ready to start mapping.